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...Is totally getting on my nerves. Its getting disgusting over there. Never have I seen so much unfairness,and discrimination on any board in my LIFE. Shit,and thats just comming from the MODS!! Not to mention HALF of CC (including me) being astounded at the mass bannings going on...
Its usually 3 strikes,and youre out...warnings that is...
Nobody gets warnings,they just get *POOF* banned just like that. Not even being told what theyve done...
And for the last GODDAMN TIME,CC has a fucking right to know who has been banned!! They're part of the CC community,and they're really great parts of it,some of them,we have a right to know why our friends are disapearring from the If someones GOING to GET banned damnit,WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!!!! What does it matter if they don't tell us?? We'll find out from them,or another CC user anyway,so its not like theyre keeping US out...I think that is SO unfair for both them AND us!! Gawd!!
Okay,my rant fest is partially over,ill get sparked again long as i stay on CC...
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amen to that...
yeah...theres a war going on...
The people who were banned have a right to know why they were banned. That's why they submit unban requests. That's why we respond to them by sending the posts for which they were warned.

We're under no obligation to explain another user's banning to the community. If they're your friend, ask them.

and thanks, I always appreciate being called unfair and discriminatory.
i wasnt calling you personally unfair and discriminatory...or anyone for that matter. What I meant was the behavior (specifically jen's response) and the way things were handled were less than up to par with quite a few people on CC.Don't get me wrong,I haven't left,or went to all extremes like others,and CC is still a good bored but...